Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Custom Doll

A custom doll for a dear reader's little girl. She is 12.5 inches tall, made of organic cotton Swiss jersey skin fabric, firmly stuffed with 100% organic wool. Her face was sculpted using a combination of traditional waldorf doll making techniques and needlefelting. Her hat is made from softest, cuddliest 100% cashmere, and her blond hair is from 100% organic lambswool. Her eyes (which are quite beautiful, if I do say so myself) took forever and a half to embroider! Her wardrobe consists of a pair of tiny bloomers edged in vintage lace, a dress made from coordinating cotton fabric with a matching bias neckline, and a sweet little linen/cotton blend pinafore with a matching pocket. I have to finish up a few tiny details, and she should be heading for her new home in a day or two!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Camping on Citico Creek

Helloooooooo! Is anybody out there??? Well, hello again! Lots of life has been happening since I posted over a year ago. I may try to post some "catch-up" pictures on here another day...but then again, life hasn't gotten any less busy or demanding since then, so I may not. We'll see. But my biggest blog fan (aka~ husband) has told me repeatedly how much he misses reading my posts and seeing our pictures, so I am making an effort to post for him.

The kids are bigger now, of course. I took them camping this week by myself, since Rodrigo had to work and couldn't get away from that and someone needed to be at home to care for our animals. Violet turned 2 while we were camping. She's such a sweet, funny, little person; and noisy, very, very noisy!  

I bought the kids a couple of packages of glow necklaces and they put on a light show for me after dark. We had the campground completely to ourselves, which was really nice, since I didn't have to worry about our being too noisy or up too early for anyone else! We got up sometime just after 6 in the morning and while I made coffee on the camp stove Matthew and Ethan started the fire back up to help us thaw out! After breakfast we went for  a walk down by the creek. It was still very early with the sun just peaking over the edge of the mountain and the mist rising off of the water. We walked around for a few hours until everyone started to feel hungry again and we wandered back to camp for an early lunch. Later we packed up and headed home. It was a lot of fun, but I was very happy to back in my own warm bed last night! :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rice play and mosaics

On Friday we had some friends over to play. I had just colored a bunch of rice, so as soon as it had cooled from drying in the oven I set it on the table in reach of the little ones. It was a matter of minutes before Emmett had run back to his bedroom and brought out a collection plastic and wooden animals and invited his little friend to play "Farm" with him. She thought that was a great idea! Claire wandered through after a while but didn't stay for too long. Elowen and Emmett however, played for about 45 minutes with the colored rice and the animals. When they finally wandered away to play something different I printed several simple coloring pages onto card stock and put out glue and lots of different colors of rice and beans and seeds to work with. Pretty soon the kids came back through the kitchen and saw everything set up differently. I explained what a mosaic was and showed them how to do put the seeds onto the glue to color their pictures. The bigger kids did everything themselves while I helped the little ones by applying the glue for them, and they did the rest on their own. They had a great time! The clean up really wasn't too bad. I just raked all of the spilled rice and seeds etc. off of the table onto the floor and swept it all up when they where done!

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