Friday, June 21, 2013

Puppies Everywhere!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before that both of our dogs gave birth a little while back. Our first litter of puppies when to their new homes over the past few days. All we have left now are these five little English Bulldogs, who will be ready to go to their new homes in less than two weeks. Now that the puppies are big enough to be playful, all of the kids are really enjoying having them around. Especially Claire and Emmett, they want to carry them around and kiss on them constantly. Have you ever seen a 21 month old carry around a doll, or stuffed animal? Yeah, always by the head or neck it we have to watch them really, really closely while they are playing together to make sure that doesn't happen! But both the puppies and the little ones enjoy it so much we make sure they get lots of time out in the soft grass to play every day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Belly at 18 weeks

So we finally got a new camera this weekend. Turns out my other one had really and truly died and there was no fixing it. I really missed having a camera! It was a bit over a month that we were without it. That was a long month! 

Rodrigo and I were out in the yard taking pictures with our new camera this afternoon trying to learn more about it, when he started taking pictures of me and our new baby belly. Someone finally asked me at the store today if I was pregnant which made me really happy, because until this past week I really didn't look pregnant, just sort of bloated... I feel like this week my belly just sort of popped out. 

So this is me at 18 weeks pregnant (well minus a day or two). I always start feeling really awkward with the camera pointed at me, I never know how to stand, or hold my hands, or smile. It just feels strange, especially when I'm not busy doing something else. Those kind of pictures taken when I'm busy doing something are ok.  But like Rodrigo told me today, in 40 years we are going to be really happy we have these pictures. So I let him shoot away to his heart's content. ♥
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