Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Window Star Tutorial with printable pattern

I love making window stars out of kite paper. The way they seem to glow as the light shines through the translucent paper is almost magical. I've been wanting to share this wonderful new kind of window star with you for a while now, and with the end of winter nowhere in sight at the moment, today seemed like a great time to do it! (Is it just me or does this winter really seem to be dragging on and on and on. My husband and mom assure me that I feel like this every February.) Well, I guess that is why I enjoy my pretty window stars even more at this time of the year. They give us something bright and happy to look at when almost everything outside of our windows is grey and cold and hibernating.

♥Our Valentine inspired window star♥

For this tutorial you'll need paper. Each star is made from 10 individually folded stars. We used this kite paper from Palumba, but many natural toy retailers carry it. (Not an affiliate link, just informational!) You'll also need a copy of the pattern I drew up.  (The link for the pattern is {now*}at the end of this post.) I've included 2 sizes for the pattern so if you have the 6.25 inch square kite paper like we do you can simply print out the pattern and the largest size can be used with a whole sheet of paper with the least amount of waste possible. The smaller sized pattern has been made to work perfectly with the same size paper that has then been folded into quarters to make approximately 3 inch squares. And lastly you'll need a pair of scissors and a glue stick. 

First you'll need to cut our your pattern and then cut out 10 pentagon shapes for each window star you'd like to make.

Matthew helped me make our stars. This is a great project for bigger kids. 

After you have your pentagons cut out you'll need to make the creases for your stars. I've included lines on the patterns to show you where to fold the stars.

Next you'll need to make a small cut into the center section between each of the points of the star.

Fold each of the flaps you created on each point inwards to turn your pentagon into a star. 

Once you have all 10 stars folded you can decide how you want them to be arranged in you window star.

Next you'll need to place the star (flap side up) with one point facing you and 2 points facing away from you. Then you'll need to open  up one flap on the top left point as shown above and then fold up the bottom point of the star so your window star will have that lovely wreath shape. Repeat those steps with all of your stars. 

Now look at the picture above. You'll need to take the unfolded flap and tuck it behind the star to it's left. the point just below the one with the flap will then be tucked under the folded up point of the star to the left. Once you have those in place you'll want to fix them there with a bit of glue. (I really do find that glue sticks work wonderfully with this kind of paper)

Continue following the last steps connecting all of your little stars to form the big one. 

Once your window star if formed, you can glue down each of the folded up flaps. If there are any remaining flaps that don't seem to want to stay folded down you can glue them into place as well. Sometimes I do, but if they are staying nicely in place I don't worry about it. 

TaDa! You can now hang your beautiful star in the window for the light to shine through. (We use a bit of glue stick to hang our stars. It washes off easily with a bit of warm water when your ready to take them down.) 

Aren't they lovely?! I just love bright happy things. And these window stars make our winter view so much more cheerful! 

You should be able to open it and print it out onto a full size piece of paper to get the appropriately sized pentagons for your stars. 
Somehow I got distracted just as I was going to publish this post this morning and forgot to include the pattern link...oops! But now it's that's good! 

Sharing with Linda for Creative Friday and Skip to my Lou.


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    1. Thanks! Well, no and yes... In the pre-pinterest days I saw a window star like that somewhere and saved the image onto my computer. But there was no tutorial at all with it, just a tiny picture of several window stars in a big window. So when I happened across the picture while searching for something else, I had Logan help me and we reverse engineered it. It looks like the one I saw, but I'm not sure if it is made the same, since I don't know how that one was made. So I only made up the tutorial, the shape I did not.

  2. So pretty and cheerful! Matthew did a great job.

  3. Just beautiful! Love the color wheel one.


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