Friday, March 5, 2010

Window Stars

Spring has been a bit slow to show up this year, so the boys and I decided a few days ago that we needed to cheer things up around here a bit. Lately I've seen these neat things called window stars all over other people's blogs, and I thought that we could use some in our home too!

 So I called up a friend of mine from The Forest Room who had made some and asked her where she had purchased her paper. I then jumped online to Palumba and ordered us some kite paper too! It arrived amazingly fast (just 3 days later!) and we were ready to craft our very own rainbows! There are several online tutorials for making window stars. We used a couple of different ones to make our stars. My favorite tutorials were from Garden Mama and from Duo Fiberworks. The boys really enjoyed the process of folding and piecing them together. They did a great job! It kept us busy creating beautiful things for most of the rainy afternoon!

Such lovely bright spots of cheerfulness to look at when everything beyond the windows is cold and grey!


  1. Theses are GREAT! I am having a great time looking through your craft ideas....thanks! Kim

  2. Beautiful. I made some this week because I needed a little cheer as well. This is neat to see, because I wanted to vary the number of points, etc, but wasn't sure how to do it! Thanks!


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