Friday, July 5, 2013


On Wednesday I packed up the kids and we set off for the city an hour from home. My midwife sent me to a high risk O.B.* for my 20 week ultrasound. Rodrigo took the afternoon off and met us there. I explained to Claire that we were going to the doctor's and they were going to take some pictures of the baby in my belly. And they might even tell us if she was going to have a little brother or sister. She thought about that for a minute and when I asked her what she thought it might be she said "Maybe it'll be a Ninja!!" And then showed me her best ninja pose. Ninja's are very cool in Claire's opinion right now!

And this was my face when I thought I saw what I saw flash across the screen... It wasn't a ninja! 

At least I'm pretty sure it wasn't a ninja (the jury is still out on that one!)... it was little girl parts!!!

Yes, it was a huge shock. I was completely sure that this baby was a boy! During my only other girl pregnancy I felt completely nauseated for the first two months. With all four of my boy pregnancies I felt just fine, with almost no nausea at all. I was so sure with this one! About two nano-seconds after Rodrigo snapped the above photo of my shocked face I crumpled into tears and the poor ultrasound tech had to pause what she was doing because I was sobbing so hard and she couldn't get a focus on anything. I didn't know I wanted a girl, I mean I didn't want anything really, or rather I would have been thrilled no matter the sex of the baby. But when I saw that she was a she, I was so happy about the whole situation, I couldn't stop crying. Ah...the joys of pregnancy hormones- and occasionally out of control emotions that go with them!

* I am going to a local birthing center and being seen there by a midwife for all of my prenatal care. However I am still considered high-risk because of my previous c-section even though I've had 2 VBACs (VBAC is a natural childbirth after a previous c-section) since then. My "advanced maternal age" probably doesn't help either. (insert eye-roll) So I have to be monitored occasionally by the high-risk guys in the big city!
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