Monday, March 29, 2010

Felted Eggs and Bubble Fun

Yesterday we decided to try felting Easter eggs! Felting is something I've always wanted to try and just thought it would be too hard. I found wool roving about a week ago on sale at a local craft supply store. It was such a good price that I decided to give it a try! I'm so glad I did. The boys had a blast felting these eggs.

We used plastic eggs that we had left over from a few years ago for the core of our eggs. I let them choose the colors that they wanted and we wrapped the eggs in layer after layer of bright cheerful wooliness. The oving seemed really loose on the eggs at first, and honestly I wasn't sure how this was going to work. We ran really hot water in the kitchen sink and added lots of dish soap. Then we carefully dipped the wool covered eggs into the hot soapy water and started pressing the wool in towards the egg center. At first we did not scrub or try to move the roving around at all we just sort of compacted it.

Slowly it began pulling together and feeling more like felt and less like individual strands of wool. After it seemed to be holding together pretty well on it's own we began scrubbing it in our hands, really sudsing it up by repeatedly dipping it back into the hot soapy water. Soon we had lovely felted eggs! We rinsed all of the soapy water out and set them aside to dry.

After we were done making the eggs we had lots of sudsy water left over. So Logan showed the little boys how to blow huge bubbles with their hands. Lots of wet messy fun ensued!


  1. What fun with bubbles and wool, happy boys. cheers Marie

  2. Thanks Marie! We are having a lot of fun over here!

  3. Wow, Rachel, that's amazing! Is it just regular dishwashing soap? We do love bubbles, but have always used the silly little plastic wands- will have to try this soon!

  4. Hi Sue! Yes it is just regular dishwashing soap. My husband's (much) younger brothers taught my boys how to blow bubbles with dish liquid and their hands a few years ago. Endlessly entertaining even to this day!!! Just mix up some dishsoap in a small bit of water (be sure to make it more soapy than you'd use for the dishes) and make circles with your fingers and dip into the soap. Blow gently... TaaaDaaa! Giant Bubbles! Have fun with your little one!


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