Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home-made playdough fun!

The little boys had been asking me if I could make up another batch of home-made playdough for them. They love the soft warm squishy feel of it between their hands!Plus it is tons of fun to leave their sculptures out to air dry so they can have them to decorate and play with later. This time I tried a new recipe I found on The Magic Onions.  It worked really well. We decided to add essential oil of peppermint to our playdough, and since they planned on painting their pieces after they are dry we decided to leave it natural white. Everyone agreed that it smell very yummy!

I really like playdough for those days when the boys are feeling bored and restless during the long grey days (weeks!) we have had so often lately. I find that when they can create and spend time doing something that involes so many of their senses at once they become much calmer and more centered. Afterwards they have a much easier time concentrating on things like math and reading. Which makes my job much easier :-)

Matthew concentrating on getting his just right!

Ethan Happy with his cool pirate!
Even Logan couldn't resist joining in on the fun!

Matthew's little Gnomes
A sweet little bird...

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