Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our backyard barnyard... or, they multiply like rabbits!

Yesterday I mentioned that we live in a very understanding neighborhood. When we moved to the United States from Guatemala a few years back and started looking for a house to buy, the one thing I knew that was important to me was finding a place that had no restrictions against things like having a clothesline to hang out our wash.
But especially important to me was NO Restrictions against Chickens! This year we have lots of chickens! 24 chickens to be exact! I love my little flock.  Most of the time they have free run of our entire backyard. Any time they see me walking through the yard they all flock around me and follow me everywhere, hoping for a handout!

(This is our little tiny bantam rooster... isn't he a doll? He is smaller than all of the hens, even the other bantams!)
Fluffy chicken butts! I love fluffy chicken butts!

Last week we went to the Tennessee Valley Fair. We saw lots of farm animals that I wanted to bring home to live in our backyard. But while my neighbors don't mind the chickens running around our yard (or the farm fresh eggs we share with them) they might not be too thrilled with a flock of sheep or a herd of goats out there! Those kinds of animals will have to wait until we have our farm. (soon... I keep telling myself...soon!)

But I've always loved the rabbit show there. After we came home from the fair the first day I told my husband that I wanted to get a pet rabbit. He suggested that I put an ad on craigslist saying that if someone had a pet bunny that they no longer were able to care for we would take it in. Well, less than 24 hours later this is what we had...
and this...
and these three adorable bunnies that someone abandoned behind an office building where brought to us as well...

And lastly the one bunny my darling husband bought for me the last day we went there... she's a Jersey Wooly Rabbit. I had been wanting a wool rabbit for a while now, and he found her there and bought her for me! She is such a sweety! (Someday I am going to learn how to spin and knit... but for now I'll just harvest her fur when it's ready and let someone else spin it)


  1. How wonderful all those chickens! And the cute rabbits too. I so wish we could have some animals but being an international family we travel a lot and can't just leave them all behind. Maybe one day we will find a way... Enjoy all those fluffy friends!


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