Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This last day of Summer...

On this the last "official" day of summer my two youngest boys decided to have an impromptu pool party in an impossibly small kiddie pool! The weather here has been hot, hot, HOT for the past week. With more hot  weather in the forecast for the next week. But that lovely cool Autumn weather is on it's way. And for now we are enjoying this last bit of Indian Summer here in the foothills of East Tennessee.

It has been a good Summer. We have played, hiked, swam, picnicked, relaxed, worked together, explored, and created all summer long. We are ready to embrace the changes that the Autumn will bring to our home, though so many of the things that define our family remain the same throughout the passing seasons. We have begun school again during the past month, Fall foods have begun to make an appearance in our diet, my kitchen counter (and floor) is crowded with yummy pumpkins and squashes. We are looking forward to going camping in the mountains when the woods are all gold and red and orange, and to attending the many Fall Festivals this area is famous for in the coming months.

We have been making plans and working towards selling our home (in a very understanding neighborhood :-) more on that tomorrow!) so that we can find ourselves a "real" farm. Things are going very slowly in that direction, but things often must move more slowly in a family with very young children. Having a baby again in our family is so wonderful, but it is a big adjustment from those days when it was just the boys. Everything takes a bit longer to complete.

All said we are happily bidding farewell to Summer and eagerly anticipating the coming of Autumn!

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