Tuesday, September 14, 2010

18th Century Trade Faire

Every year we try to attend the 18th Century Trade Faire at Fort Loudon. This year we went on Sunday afternoon and got to wander through the vendor's stalls and  get a glimpse of what 18th century life must have been like in the British fort during the French and Indian war.

I especially enjoy seeing entire families taking part in the reenactment. Many of them are fellow homeschoolers, who spend at least one weekend a month reenacting 18th century life at the fort, or travelling to join other 18th century Faires. I'd love to join in the fun... I wonder if I can convince Rodrigo to play along? Hmm... would he rather be an English or Scottish soldier, a native American... or I wonder what other part he could play? I don't think many Guatemalans were involved during that conflict ;-) The boys have told me many times how they would love to dress up and go "camp out" with all of the other families. So would I! But mostly I think it's because I could dress up to my heart's content, plus I really do love history. It's kinda my thing.

Check out this adorable little native American!
A very talented pair of jugglers. They are brothers who travel from faire to faire preforming for a living! Their sticks are on fire, but it's hard to see it on all of them in the picture.
Matthew and Ethan really enjoyed the show!

While we were exploring the fort I rounded the corner and found Ethan perched atop a cannon in deep contemplation.

Maybe next year we can participate, but even if we only join in the fun as spectators I can't wait until next time!


  1. What a wonderful experience for your family. I think that seeing living history is so much more fun than reading about it.

  2. such joy on your children;s faces! I love events like this!

  3. We homeschool/homestead too...next weekend is when we go to a very similar fair that is a French and Indian War incampment! We go every year and have so much fun.


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