Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tennessee Vally Fair

One of the yearly traditions that really marks the changing of seasons and the coming of Autumn for our family is the Tennessee Valley Fair.
We love to watch the livestock shows. The careful preparation that goes into getting their animals ready...
My favorite contestant was this little Mennonite girl, her lamb was nearly bigger than she was! But she handled him so well. We could tell she really loved him and had worked a lot with him, he followed her lead perfectly and did every thing she asked.

Claire enjoying the sheep show with her Daddy. Maybe someday we'll watch her in the show ring!
Matthew and Ethan had a chance to try milking a cow...

Then we visited the petting zoo... I loved these little piglets! So cute!!! If only they would stay that tiny! Ethan was letting them nibble on his finger.
Claire loved the donkey. She wanted to stay there and pet her all afternoon! She giggled and squealed every time the donkey touched her fingers. The donkey seemed to really enjoy the attention as well coming close so Claire would rub her velvety nose.

Logan was thrilled to see Emus there. Ever since he was little, he has talked about getting emus one day. He still insists that as soon as we get our farm, he wants to save up and buy himself some!

Of course, no trip to the fair would be complete without riding a few of the rides on the Midway. :-)
A giant fun-house Kaleidoscope...

My brave baby boy rode this all by himself!

Up! Up! and Away!!!
The three musketeers, I love watching them enjoy doing all sorts of things together! Sibling love and loyalty is very important to us! We try to always encourage our kids to be each other's best friends. After all, friends are wonderful, but they may come and go throughout your life... a brother is forever!

What a great day!

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