Monday, September 6, 2010

Walking Tall

A few days ago Rodrigo and the boys built stilts. It only took them a few minutes to whip them up! The kids have spent hours stalking around the yard, falling off and getting right back up again! I love that they enjoy playing such simple, classic toys so much.

And in other news :) A first for my little blog! (Well it is my second I think, but the real "first" time I got a blog award, something came up here at home and I didn't post for almost three weeks after that, so it seemed rather silly to mention it here after such a long time had passed!)

Sarah over at The Forest Room sent me The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Sarah!
 And since she didn't follow the "rules" I guess that gives me permission to not follow them either! So I'm not going to post 7 things about myself, but I'll share a few links of blogs I enjoy reading! Of course be sure to check out Sarah's blog, she always has lots of cool stuff going on over there!

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