Sunday, September 19, 2010

WIP ~ Toys for Baby ~ Handmade Holiday

I've been working on Claire's little Waldorf inspired baby doll this weekend. I am pleased with how she is turning out so far. She is a wee, little thing measuring only 9 inches (23 cm) tall, because she is the first baby doll for my wee, little girl. I still have to figure out how I want her hair. Since I've never made a Waldorf doll like this before I've been doing lots of research on the internet trying to figure out how it needs to be done! I am trying to decide whether the doll needs hair that looks something like Claire's hair in color and possibly texture, or if I should try to do something totally different. I was given some lovely black curly wool (not yarn... it's actual sheep's ringlets!)  but I can't figure out how to hook them into the doll's head. Plus they are deep, shiny black... not at all like Claire's soft light brown wispy curls. Or I have another pretty wool yarn that has light brown, pink, auburn, and orange shades running through it. It looks like something I would have loved for my doll's hair when I was a little girl... hmmm, choices! Oh and I have been looking locally for a nice soft brown wool yarn that matches Claire's hair and I've yet to find one I really liked, so that option is totally dependant on me actually finding something that I like enough to buy.

I've also been busy drawing up some little wooden animal designs. Rodrigo helps me sometimes in the evenings to make them. I cut them out on the scroll saw and he sands them. I really like the little wooden hen (pictured with the baby doll) and we have a whole flock of chicks for her in the works! I've also mixed up a nice beeswax polish to finish them after they are painted with non-toxic paints and/or enhanced with wood burning.
Here is a herd of hedgehogs hanging out on the sander, waiting to be finished.

I'll try to start some of my projects for the boys' Christmas presents this week, and I'll post about them next weekend (hopefully). I have so many ideas! My Christmas-Idea Binder is getting more and more full!


  1. Your doll is just amazing and I love your wooden animals.
    I have shared your progress on the Handmade Holiday post today.
    Warm wishes,

  2. Okay. I officially want you to adopt me now, please. (:

    I've been wanting to make a doll for my boys, but I haven't found the courage to try. We bought a jigsaw recently to make branch blocks but found that we really need a work bench with a vice or something to hold the branches. I can't even fathom having a scroll saw or the knowledge to use one!

  3. looks lovely!!! I am excited to see more of your progress!

  4. Wow I LOVE the should start an etsy shop!
    Gorgeous and you got me thinking about making a doll! x

  5. Everything looks wonderful, and I am sure will be truly cherished. Looking forward to seeing all that you create in the coming months ahead.

  6. Thanks everybody! I'm having so much fun making these things!


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