Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WIP Wednesday ~ Handmade Holiday

OK, so my WIP Wednesday is actually being posted late Tuesday night, but I have a few minutes to do it right now. This is my first post for our Handmade Holiday. Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living is hosting "Handmade Holiday 2010" and I've joined in on the fun. 

I am working on making Claire her first baby doll. I've never sewn anything like this before... but I like how she is turning out so far! Now I have to find a type and color of wool that resembles my Claire's soft brown hair.

I first discovered Waldorf (dolls, toys, and crafts) just before my daughter was born last Christmas-time. I was very pregnant and had been looking at typical commercial toys for little ones. Nothing I saw really appealed to me, there was nothing that I wanted to get for my little girl to play with one day. Then I stumbled across a website for natural toys and saw my first Waldorf type doll. I was smitten! I loved everything about those soft dolls. They were handmade, out of natural materials, they had sweet little faces, and soft little bodies. Just the thing for my soft, sweet, little girl. I started doing a bit of research, and the more dolls I saw the more convinced I became that "I could do that!" I had time after all... I was still pregnant!  I love the idea of giving my baby a doll that I made by myself... So here I am now working on a baby doll for Claire for Christmas 2010.

We decided to make most of our family's Christmas presents this year. For the past few years we have talked about it, but this time we are really going to try and do it! I'm so excited and full of plans. So when I saw the goings on over at Plain and Joyful Living, I knew I had to join in! We've been joking with the boys for the past few weeks that I am going to crochet a bullwhip for each of them for Christmas. Matthew actually believed me and he has been telling everyone excitedly about the Crochet Bullwhip he is getting from his Mama this year.

Oh, this week I also made those little wooden children and the turkey in my blog's header image, but those aren't a work in progress any more... :-)


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