Friday, August 20, 2010

Exploring the Museum of Art

Yesterday we had planned to go swimming at my brother's place. But the all day thunderstorms had a different idea! So we decided instead to visit the Museum of Art.

Sometimes it's nice to get a new perspective on things!

Sorry all of the pictures are rather fuzzy! No flash photagraphy was allowed and since I was wearing Claire in the sling and had left the camera's tripod at home... I wasn't being that still while taking photos! Especially since Claire really thought the camera's cord looked tasty, she tugged on it constantly!

Logan wanted to hold Claire and show her the sculptures in the Museum's garden.

Matthew and Ethan were more interested in jumping across the garden's benches!

Once back inside the museum we wandered into what was to be our favorite room! A room full of miniature rooms!

As we left in the late afternoon, the boys were asking when we could do it all over again! No one even remembered that we had left the house with plans to go swimming!

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  1. Wonderful when something takes your lads imagination, you are a great Mother to expand their horizons. cheers Marie


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