Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We have been enjoying our summertime! Lots of trips to the lake and the pool! This has been one hot summer, so being in the water makes it much more fun! Local public schools just started up this past Monday! We feel like that is much too early for us to sit back down and start "school" again! We plan on celebrating the wrapping up of our summer season all this month, with lots of swimming, picnics, playing with friends, bonfires, cooking outdoors, fresh veggies from the garden, in other words all the good stuff that summer entails!

Here are a few pictures of our most recent trip to the lake.
The boys playing lets all climb on top of Daddy's shoulders and see how high we can get.
Ethan joining in the game!
Claire has decided she likes the water, Thank you very much!

We finished the day with a bonfire and sparklers!
Making happy memories of their childhood summertime!

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