Saturday, August 7, 2010


Look what Ethan found today...
Four tiny eggs! Our little chickens that we got this spring have been growing and growing and today 4 of them finally decided to lay their first eggs. Ethan was so excited when he found them! See how tiny they are compared to one of our older hen's eggs...

Nothing beats the taste of a "homegrown" egg!


  1. We found our first eggs today too - a pile of 12 - all blue! I wonder how long those have been accumulating.

  2. Wow Sarah, 12! Sounds like thay may have been at it for a while! I was surprised at how early they started laying this year. Last year my chicks didn't start laying until mid-September!

  3. I agree, we do love our hens, eggs. cheers Marie

  4. I love it when they start a little surprise every day! Kim


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