Monday, February 17, 2014

Defying Gravity

{He landed on his feet, I just didn't catch that on camera}

{This one made me laugh, "♪♪ Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. ♪♪ "}

{My wild princess}

{The silly dog looks more worried than she does. We've declared him the most un-photogenic dog on earth. It is pretty much impossible to get a nice picture of him.}

After so much cold, snowy, and wet weather it's kind of hard to keep their feet on the ground now that it's warmer and sunny out.


  1. That's incredible your boys can jump so high!

  2. I loved these pictures & so do my boys! Your daughter is very brave to just stand there. I don't know that I could if I were in that situation. Your dog made me smile ~ he's cute!
    I'm sorry I'm such a bad commenter. I get your blog via email & should click through & comment more often. I do enjoy every post!

  3. Oh the looks on their faces, especially the last picture! Love it!!

  4. I love this post with boys flying everywhere. Wonderful!

  5. Wowee! Great pics! Especially the first one. I was never light and airy like that, even as a kid. I was feet on the ground, curled up in a fort where no one can see me. You always have great stuff on your blog. How's the emu???

    1. They are great! I am so surprised at how much I enjoy them! They are really fun pets, who love to have their necks scratched. We let them out into the yard and they play with the kids. I was planning on posting more about them over the weekend (I hope!)

  6. Looks like they had a great time playing outdoors!


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