Saturday, December 11, 2010

Double Digits!

My boy... Matthew is 10. Double Digits! Wow! That went by fast!!!

So Creative, Imaginative, Constant, Enthusiastic, Loving, Affectionate, Strong, Smart, Happy, and Loyal.

He began life with us so very tiny, under 5 pounds even though he was born several days "past due"! Now growing so big and strong. Hurtling towards manhood so quickly it makes this mama's head spin, yet thankfully, still such a happy innocent child. Small enough to love dressing up and pretending, mature enough to be logical when problem solving, and always thinking outside the box! Oh my sweet, sweet Matthew!

This was Matthew 10 years ago. See his sweet dimples? He was born with the most perfectly round little head. (Oddly enough, considering the perfect roundness of that head, he was my easiest birth by far!)

Big brother Logan meeting Matthew minutes after he was born... Looking at this picture now, it almost looks like Rodrigo had a harder time at that birth than I did!

And now 10 times around the sun later... Getting so big and see? He still has those adorable little dimples!
We enjoy this kid so much!

Building a toolbox with his Daddy. He is such a hard worker!

Last weekend we had a birthday party for him and had 10 boys (counting our 3) here for a birthday/slumber party! Such noisy fun!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We are so very thankful for you and love you so, so much!!!


  1. Oh my, What a lovely young lad, cheers Marie

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! They sure do grow up fast!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!
    God bless you


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