Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

To think that just a few days ago it was warm enough outside for the kids and I to be out there in nothing but our shirtsleeves! (See previous post here)

We spent this past weekend in happy contentment never leaving our house. The boys played games with their daddy, while Claire and I deep cleaned (she was sooo helpful! ;P) In the evenings we had dinner early and then spent hour after hour playing the new game Logan got for Christmas called The Settlers of Catan. (By the way in case anyone wonders, it is a super fun game- I was very pleasantly surprised! I found this one over the summer along with the expansion pack for 5 to 6 players  both new, still sealed in the boxes for a grand total of $2.00!!! I was thrilled, I had been planning on getting it from amazon.com for Christmas this year!! Sometimes going to garage sales really pays!) We never turned on the TV once all weekend. We rarely do, we don't have cable or satellite TV although we do have an antenna that allows us to watch local channels, we just never bother... This was one time it might have paid to watch TV!

We went to bed on Sunday night, and woke up Monday to a world of white!

Here I am heading out to feed and water my chickens early in the morning.

Our little country road, the county never bothers to salt or plow it.

Our driveway was an icy mess! We have a rather steep drive straight down hill from the road to our house. Since we didn't know that the snow was coming, Rodrigo didn't bother to salt the drive (no matter- we didn't have any salt on hand, having run out last time it snowed and I forgot to buy more, even though Rodrigo had put it on my list to get more...ooops!)... So, even with 4 wheel drive we couldn't get out on Monday morning, so he had an extra day off!

This morning he went to work, and the kids and I enjoyed another cozy day at home! Early this morning we watched a couple of videos on youtube, of how to build an igloo out of snow. Logan decided that he could do that, so after breakfast the boys dressed up and headed out the back door to play in the snow. 

Logan set right to work making his igloo, the littler two boys lost interest rather quickly and pelted each other with snowballs and took turns sledding down the hill.

I didn't get any pictures of the initial building stages because Claire wasn't feeling the best and was having a hard time falling asleep for her nap. She's working on some teeth right now that have made her rather grumpy the past couple of days... I didn't want to take her outside with me for very long since the wind was howling and it was very, very cold!

I did get a few pictures of when he was almost finished with the igloo:

Here Ethan is checking out the inside...

Logan showing me how he can fit through his arched doorway...

 After he packed more snow all over, covering up the cracks and smoothing things out...

Self Portrait, taken inside his now completed new igloo!

My van is still under a good five or six inches of snow, and more is falling as I type this... we may be staying home for a good long while yet! Yay! Here's to cozy, snowed in days with all of my favorite people!!!


  1. I found your blog at first through ROTH and I've been enjoying following ever since. And then I saw that you're in my area! :D

    These snowy days have been fun, haven't they?? My own kids have been outside and playing in the snow every single day. No igloos here, but we've been working on perfecting the art of rolling snow into a snowman or snowballs. :)

  2. That's a great Igloo! But, I am all agog at the fact that you found Settlers for $2! That is an amazing price. We LOVE that game!

  3. Lovely post, beaut pictures, cheers Marie

  4. We've had snow days, but only for the ice which is not great for igloo building--but these remind me so much of my childhood in NY state!


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