Friday, April 29, 2011

Boy or Girl???

Well today I am going for my 20 week ultrasound scan. We are hoping to find out what our newest little blessing will be! (Along with all of the other important information the doctors want to find out during the scan.)

From the very beginning of this pregnancy I have felt like it must surely be a little boy. It just "feels" like a boy pregnancy to me! After all I have had 3 of those already and only one girl pregnancy to compare it to! With the boys I never had any morning sickness at all, nor did I really have any other "pregnancy symptom". When I was expecting Claire I felt nauseous for the entire first three months! I also was completely exhausted the first trimester with her. Now with this baby I did feel really, really tired the first few months (I feel pretty much completely normal now, Thank God!) But I never had even a moment of morning sickness. So based on that, I am guessing that it is a little boy that I am carrying now! I am also guessing that the tiredness I have felt during the last two pregnancies can probably be chalked up to my "advanced maternal age" after all, I was pregnant with the 3 boys during my 20's and with Claire when I was 33. And that was just over a year and a half ago!So maybe that has something to do with the first trimester tiredness.

I'll let you all know this evening sometime what we find out! Did any of you ever "know" what you were having? We are really excited about finding out!

*For the record... I've never been right about the sex of my babies before! With the first three I had no idea what I was going to have until their ultrasounds, and with Claire I was positive she was going to be a boy!  By then I figured whatever girl making parts we had must not work! When the ultrasound technician told us she was a girl I didn't believe her! I made her check again!!!Ha! When we decided to have his vasectomy reversed and have more children  I just figured we would be one of those families with 6 or 7 boys before it was all said and done! You know, our own personal soccer team! As it is I haven't had to open a door for myself even when my husband isn't around for the past 6 or 7 years, with all of these little gentlemen. They are always racing to the door ahead of me to hold it. Claire indeed is a blessed little girl to grow up in a house full of such good boys!

I'll update you later!


  1. Exciting!
    Your Easter pictures are beautiful too.

  2. I was sure I was having a girl this time-(we like you thought we were done with our first two boys and have now decided to allow God to choose our family size.) Nope, it's another boy! We are all excited but I do hope that I'll get pregnant again soon with a girl (-:
    Don't ya love being labeled advanced maternal age(jk) I'm the same age as you and people always think I'm alot younger and I feel young, so it suprised me when the doctor's want to do more tests and such. Can't wait to hear what you are having! We have 4 weeks left!

  3. My mother was the youngest of seven children. And the only girl. My sister had two girls. I had two boys. I knew, without doubt, that my third would be a boy. The ultrasound technician thought my reaction to "it's a boy!" was hilarious. (:

  4. Oh, can't wait to "hear" what you are having! :0)


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