Monday, September 26, 2011

almost two weeks old

Tomorrow my sweet baby Emmett will be two whole weeks old! It is hard to believe that so much time has already passed since his birth.

{Almost smiling... he smiles in his sleep all the time, especially when we kiss his cheeks or pet his downy little head. But I've had a really hard time capturing those fleeting expressions with my camera! He has the cutest little dimples in each cheek when he does smile.}

{Peaceful and quiet}

{big brother Logan, perfect for napping on} 
{At 12 days old Emmett had his first real bath... I do love babies without all of their clothes and blankets on... so tiny and delicate and strong all at the same time, with such soft sweet skin. They are such perfect little miracles, aren't they?}

{After just a minute he decided that he really didn't mind the water at all!

{All tired out and sweet smelling after his bath. Claire was whispering over and over to him "I love you too, baby."}

I love him. 
I am quite sure he is one of the most precious, perfect babies ever. I am enjoying this tiny little person so much. I really love having a new baby, there are so many things I don't want to ever forget. His breathy little sighs and sneezes, his smell, the softest hair covering his little round head. The way he grunts and squirms when he is trying to wake up. The funny little mewling sounds he makes. The way he looks up at me when I talk to him, and how he sleeps so peacefully next to me at night. I wake up just so I can rejoice in the fact that he is here, and healthy, and mine! I wish there was a better way to preserve this time in his life...the way he smells, sounds and feels, but for lack of a better way, I'll probably be posting lots of "baby" here over the next few weeks!


  1. . I look at the pictures with à smile on my face. Hè ' 's so beautiful.

  2. he is so beautiful! I don't know how I missed your first post about him. I love the things Claire says. So So Precious!

  3. Oh he is just so wonderful, cheers Marie

  4. Congratulations for winning Linda's wonderful giveaway. But more, for this beautiful little boy. You have a fab family. And these pictures of the baby - I have to tell you. They made me cry. Mine are so grown now that they keep erupting with their own babies - it is the most miraculous thing. And your pictures were good enough to put the feel of the child into my very hands. Many, many joys be yours - and safety and health on all your household. You are blessed.

  5. Hi is just precious Rachel! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord.
    Love your pictures. How I love baby cuddles.
    Have a wonderful week


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