Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Miss H's second birthday

Our own sweet foster daughter Little Miss H turned two years old yesterday! I loaded up all of the children Friday morning and took them to H's birthday party. Her whole extended family showed up, Mom, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins... they had planned a big party for her, she was one celebrated and loved little girl!

Opening presents with her Mommy!

Claire really enjoyed herself as well... new baby dolls to play with!  Everyone was so sweet to her, making sure she had something to play with and even letting her help open one of Little Miss H's presents, so she wouldn't feel left out. 

Emmett slept on me, in the sling or on my lap most of the time, the noise of screaming playing children didn't phase him a bit.

Little Miss H had a wonderful time! She is truly one happy, well loved little girl. We are going to miss her very much one day when she goes home. She and Claire have played Mommies and Babies non stop since her birthday party!

*(I asked her mother and her social worker for permission to post pictures of her on my blog, and they both said it would be fine with them... so yippee! Now I can include pictures of H here since she has become such a huge part of our family these past few months!)

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