Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springing forth

Happiness :: A fat baby brother to squeeze and love.
Found :: worms in the mud.

Perched :: The cherry trees are blooming just now.

Climbing :: trying to follow her big brothers (standing up high, on the roots of the cherry tree!)

Ready :: sitting up well for the first time. Happy mama caught it on camera!

Mama's milk :: it does a chunky boy good! 6 months old now. 

Discovery :: toes!

Curious :: fresh spring grass

Damp little face :: always :-)

Happy Spring! 

P.S. on a totally different note, I got a few emails saying that for some reason you couldn't leave a comment on my last post. I never did figure out what was wrong with the comment form... If anyone has that problem again (or had that problem on their own blog) could you shoot me another email and let me know? Thanks :-)


  1. I just love the chubby one, nyom nyom nyom

  2. Your babies are adorable. Claire sure is growing up & Emmett is so cute & chubby ( I love chubby babies). Happy Spring to you ~ your blossoming tree is just beautiful.
    The comment seems to be working here so far ~ will email if it doesn't ( guess you won't get this if it doesn't either :)
    Have fun

  3. Beautiful photos!!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog...it is truly very much appreciated! :)


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