Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Old Is An Elf?

When an Elf is a year and a minute
He can wear a cap with a feather in it.
By the time he is two times two
He has a buckle for either shoe.
At twenty he is fine as a fiddle,
With a little brown belt to go round his middle.
When he's lived for fifty years or so
His coat may have buttons all in a row.
If past three score and ten he's grown
Two pockets he has for his very own.
At eighty-two or three years old
They bulge and jingle with bits of gold.
But when he's a hundred and a day
He gets a little pipe to play! 
-Rachel Field

A little watercolor card I made today to accompany a parcel. On the back I wrote out this little poem. 


  1. Very cute! Great job on the watercolor.

  2. Love the poem. You have inspired me to try out watercolor too. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  3. Why have I never encountered this poem by Rachel Field? It's a great one!!


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