Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Weekend

We couldn't have asked for nicer days. We had no where we had to be and nothing that we had to do other than enjoy each other! Well, there were lots of homesteading chores that were attended to, but with Rodrigo home from work and everyone pitching in together, we got them done in no time and it barely even felt like "work".

We slept with our windows open on Friday night and awoke early to the sounds of birds and squirrels playing in the woods behind our house. We ate breakfast quickly, eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine on bare arms and faces! Claire declared that we should have a picnic, so we did. We spent hours eating, talking and laughing on a giant quilt spread out in the sunshine in our front yard. We played with the dogs. The big boys and their Daddy played with boomerangs, and chased each other and acted silly. Emmett discovered pretty flowers. Claire picked wild onions and made mud pies with them. Rodrigo and the boys built me a bigger brooder for my chickens. We planted flowers, and planned where our veggie garden would be going. We had fun.

We came in when it started to get dark and had a late supper of warm, buttery scrambled eggs, toast and homemade re-fried black beans. Everyone was calm, and happy and glowing from a day well spent together, outside playing and working and enjoying each other.


  1. Oh, what a lovely day!!! I can't wait for days like these...soon, well as soon as the snow melts :)

    Claire's smile is beautiful!

  2. Claire looks like such a big girl! The weekend was really perfect, wasn't it?

  3. This sounds like such a lovely, well spent day! Don't you love waking up with the windows open to the breeze and the birds? Also- that first picture is adorable.

  4. For a moment, I felt like I was looking at a younger Claire when I saw Emmett! They could be twins!! We're enjoying this nice weather too. Today was especially nice.

  5. Just beautiful~ I love spring!!!
    Your little ones sure are growing up quickly!
    I love your picnic pictures too!


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