Tuesday, May 21, 2013


A few months ago Rodrigo and I found out that we will be having another baby this November! One week ago today I sat in my midwife's office and heard our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. It took the midwife a few minutes and several different Dopplers to find it. When that tiny sound finally filled the room I burst into tears. I felt such relief and pure joy listening to my baby. This is a gift I will never take for granted. The poor midwife was a bit shocked I think. After all I've already done this a few times now (5 actually!) I guess maybe she thought I might not think it was such a big deal. But it was, and is a very big deal! I still cry when I think about it...actually I'm crying as I type this out while Logan is behind me in the kitchen preparing lunch for himself and the two little ones. He knows I'm a bit (extremely) emotional, so he just asks if I'm ok, gives my shoulders a quick hug when I assure him all is fine, and keeps serving babies lunch. So that is our very exciting news. Rodrigo is thrilled about it and has already told every single person he has contact with. I've kept it fairly quiet so far, but it felt like a good time to let everyone on here know finally.

I've spent the entire first trimester either sleeping or wishing I could be sleeping. More of that one I think, with five kiddos and a zillion animals to care for, sleeping during the daytime is pretty rare for me. The first trimester exhaustion as also the reason things have been rather quiet here on my blog. I am already 14 weeks along as of yesterday, and I am starting to feel so much more like my normal energetic self. Hopefully I'll manage to get caught up on laundry now that I am feeling like I can get up and down the stairs with out wanting to stop for a nap in the middle! Other than being achingly tired, I have felt fine. No morning sickness, or any other pregnancy related symptoms. I generally have pretty easy pregnancies, and only with one have I had morning sickness...with my only girl. So my guess is that this newest little soul is a boy! In another 6 weeks or so we'll find out if I'm right!

*all pictures from Logan's Ipad...my camera simply would not turn on this morning. I hope that the batteries are just really really dead and not something much worse... I'd be lost without my camera!


  1. Congratulations!!! So very exciting.

    Lovely pictures.

  2. happy happy!! that is wonderful. i also get emotional when i hear the heartbeat... life! beautiful.

  3. Such a pretty hideaway!


    I suppose you should be tired when pregnant with 5 children already- I'm pregnant and I have two, and no time to nap either!!


    1. Congratulations, how exciting for your family! It's exhausting some days isn't it?

  4. Awww, congratulations! I'm crafting on one of those, too. Love your little outdoor tent!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh my goodness, SUCH exciting, beautiful news! I burst into tears when I first heard the heartbeats in my pregnancies too. Always such a profound moment.

    These photos are great. I want to play there too!

  6. What exciting news! Congratulations! And those pictures are adorable. My kids would be thrilled with such a hideaway!

  7. Congratulations!!! That is sooo exciting:) I have baby fever my self, lol :)

  8. Congratulations! It is always an amazing experience having another human being growing inside you. We have 5 little ones and I feel the same each time.

    That is a sweet little get away your kiddos have.

  9. Congratulations!!! I love hearing the heartbeat and I agree, it never gets old. :)

    What a beautiful tent and pretty place to be. Enjoy your pregnancy and I ditto Delilah. :)

  10. Oh my what a wonderful blessing! No each child is so special no matter how many. I always in awe how my love just grows and grows as we have added each one.
    Thinking of you and glad you are feeling better!

  11. Oh my goodness, where have I been? Congratulations!! Such a wonderful blessing every time.

  12. This is belated but yay!! CONGRATS!! So exciting. <3 XOXOXO


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