Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In which we go for a nature walk and my children all sprout facial hair

Last week I took the kids for a walk at a little state park near our home. I got on the internet searching for a good place to go for a walk or hike near by when I came across this place. Strange thing about it was that it appears on the maps as a state park, but on a quick google search I found absolutely nothing about it, just the name listing it as a state park. Which seemed really weird, I mean google knows everything, right? But apparently not, because google couldn't tell me a thing about this place. And I mean it's not like we live in some really remote village in the darkest interior of Africa. But anyway, I found the name of the place and thought that we would check it out.

We pulled past the little ranger station (which was empty) and drove to the end of the road. There were a couple of trail heads there so I parked and we all piled out of the van. There were no signs saying how long the trails were or where they ended up, so we picked one of them at random. We had not seen another car or human being since pulling into the park, so I texted my husband giving him the exact information of where we were, just in case anything happened to us, he'd know where to start searching when he came home from work. 
As we started walking it became apparent that the park had actually been a very large farm once upon a time. There were the foundations of several large old houses, and a few log cabins, and a large barn, we even found an outhouse.

We had a picnic in the yard of the biggest farm house foundation under a big old chestnut tree. While we were eating we started hearing a very scary noise. I had never heard anything like it before. At first one of the boys thought it was a machine, but the closer it got to us the more obvious it became that it was an animal of some sort. We had already finished eating and were just sitting there playing, but I decided that we really didn't need to hang out in that spot any longer and find out what was making that noise. So we packed up and started walking again! (Once we were home we looked up bear and wild boar noises, and thankfully google did have an answer for this one! Turns out we were listening to wild boar! Yikes! I wasn't sure what to look up, but when we happened across the bear reserve sign mentioning bear and boar hunters on our way out I thought that it might have been one of those, so that's what I searched for.)

The trail we were on went past a large corn field, and Logan went over first and pulled off some of the old corn silk from the mature ears of corn. When I asked him what he planned on doing with it he promptly twisted some up and made a mustache with it. Of course everyone else had to join in the fun! We stood there in the shade next to that corn field laughing at each other and taking pictures of everyone for the longest time.


  1. Looks like a great spot. You have some pretty funny kids, love those mustaches :)

  2. Hi Rachel
    I was laughing at the assortment of facial hair in this post! The ones coming out of the nose were priceless! It was lovely seeing your photos - they make me want to come for a walk and picnic with you. I do think the wild boar is scary though. I'm glad you didn't run into it. It's always lovely to catch up here with your family and I get excited when I get your email update!
    P.S. I hope you are going well too. :)

  3. Hi.. I just came across your blog while smartphone net surfing/breastfeeding. You look awesome for having so many children! Wish I handled my pregnancies as well as you! ;) baby 4 and 5 left me with jigglies!

    1. Haha! That's just about the only way I ever get to surf the net these days too!

  4. Oh, and your family is beautiful :) very cute kiddos! They seem close in age to mine.. ages 13 yrs to 10 months.

  5. Hello Rachel
    FInally have decent internet connection again so hopefully back to regular blogging. Beautiful, funny pics! Thank goodness you didn't actually encounter the wild boar on that adventure!!!


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