Monday, June 7, 2010

Goals for today ~Update~

We are back from a lovely weekend of camping in the mountains with my parents. (Blog post about that coming soon!) This morning the sun is shining and I am feeling the need to get stuff done! I am (slowly) trying to get my house in order, a very belated spring cleaning if you will. I am feeling overwhelmed by piles of stuff everywhere. I long for clean open spaces. But paradoxically I love collections, and sweet little vignettes of kitschy cuteness sitting out where I can pass by during my days and enjoy them. And just to make it even more fun, I am a lazy perfectionist. I want to have everything just so... and if I don't have hours of uninterrupted time to fix everything how I want it then I often feel like why bother starting! (And we all know that with a nursing baby in cloth diapers and three little and not so little boys, home with me all day long, I have hours of uninterrupted time everyday HA!) I am travelling with Claire in just a few weeks (June 20th!) to go visit family in Guatemala. Her passport came in the mail last week and our tickets are bought. I have so much I want to get done before then, so I decided I need to make a list! Lists always help me stay on track! This is today’s list, I plan on sitting down this evening and making a more comprehensive list to cover big projects I’d like to have done before our trip.

Today I’d like to get the following done:

Air out sleeping bags Boys helped with this and the tent!
• Set up tent in drive to dry out (it rained as we were breaking camp yesterday…)
• Wash all clothes from camping (So glad it’s sunny, no need to use clothes drier!)
• Wash sheets from beds
• Get everything off of clothesline before early dinner and put away (I often find myself dragging when it comes to actually getting the clothes from the basket and into their places! Some days I contemplate moving somewhere that is warm all year and becoming nudists… sure would save time doing laundry! ;-P) Boys put away all of the clothes, I'm still considering banning clothing though!
Weed at least 2 rows in garden Only got one row totally weeded, but the "good" thing about weeds is, if you leave them alone, they'll still be there the next day waiting to be pulled!
• String twine up/around bean house posts
• Collect dandelion blossoms to make fritters for lunch We decided to use squash blossoms and cosmos flowers for our fritters... They were wonderful! The boys' favorites were the cosmos flower fritters!
• Mop whole house
• Grind flour
• Make bread
• Read about how to get rid of potato beetles that are eating my eggplants
• Really deep clean kitchen
• Dinner fixed early (Logan has baseball tonight)
• Harvest lettuce
• Search berry patch for any remaining berries
• Let chickens wander in yard and eat bugs for a few hours before dark
• Transplant last few plants into garden
Plus I got the leak fixed in the boys pool.

I was really surprised that we managed to get everything on my list done today! It feels good to be able to cross all of those things off of my list! Now I'm off to get cleaned up before dinner and time for Logan's baseball game!

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  1. That is a big list, make sure you have some rest in between those chores. cheers Marie


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