Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last week(on Thursday), we where sitting around our kitchen table having lunch. Rodrigo had the day off and we had just found out that he'd have off the next day as well. Why don't we take the family and go to the beach, he asked....  Hmmm.... why not indeed?!?! So we threw some clothes and food in the van and we where off!

We went to the beach in South Carolina. It was lovely! The days where warm and the evenings cool. The water still held enough of summer's warmth for the boys to spend hours playing in the waves. 

When they started feeling cold they joined us in the sand to warm up and play for a while in the sunshine.

Logan and Rodrigo went to the salt marsh and explored for hours. They collected all sorts of interesting creatures from the tidal flats.

Sometimes the best things happen when you don't have a plan!


  1. It was at a place called Pawley's Island. (nerdy info here: copy and paste these cooedinates into google maps. 33.400958, -79.138867) That is where the salt marsh is :-) Very cool, secluded place.


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