Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday ~ more handmade presents

I just wanted to share the sweet little needle felted terrarium I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I found this adorable apothecary jar one evening when Rodrigo and I were out on a date and knew as soon as I saw it, what I wanted to use it for! I finished it up last night... what do you think?

The boys and I dyed all of the wool using Kool-aid and food coloring... I love how many of the colors turned out mottled looking with different shades running all through the wool. It made for lovely moss and rocks!

I decided to make my terrarium look "realistic" (well, if of course you can consider a tiny wee rabbit inside a terrarium realistic!) So I added dirt under the moss, as well as several wool stones.

The following is the project I spent all of my free time working on today:  A little cape for Claire out of the same fabric as the one I am making for me. The closer I got to finishing it the bigger it seemed. I don't have much experience sewing for baby girls, and the patterns have different sizes than I am used to seeing for baby's clothing... The pattern was for toddler's sizes 1/2, (one half), 1, 2, and 3. I was assuming by the measurements on the back of the pattern that 1/2 was equal to a 6 month size, and size 1 was a 12 month size. Here is the cape nearly finished, it still lacks the closures ... Since Claire is nearly a year old (!) and wears a size 12 months clothes I used the size 1 toddler's pattern.

And here is the cape being modeled by Ethan who is 7 years old!!! It's huge!
There is no way my poor little Claire is going to be able to wear this any time in the next 2 years (or possibly more!) I really can't figure out how this happened! The size 1/2 wasn't that much smaller (maybe an half an inch shorter, or so.) They don't make patterns in size one tenth.... so now what?  At least it went together quickly, during both of her naps today! And someday she'll be big enough to wear it...


  1. The terrarium is adorable! The cape is gorgeous and one day it will work for her. That's the type of thing that happens to me when I try to make clothes myself.

  2. That terrarium is AMAZING! Just wow!

  3. Hi, Your terrarium, is just lovely, and what a beautifully made cape. cheers Marie

  4. Those things happen. But the cape did come out outstanding...the terrarium is just beautiful! What lovely presents...


  5. Oh goodness, I fell in love with your blog before even getting through the first page. Swoon-y! I am 2nd generation homeschooling too and a frustrated craft-aholic. Come over and see what I have been making - I'm having a giveaway! I can't wait to read more. I came over from your comment at Leila's.

  6. your terrarium is fabulous. wow! so glad to discover your blog.

    thanks so much for signing up for the seasonal swap over at the SewnNatural studio. Before we split people up into pairs, we were hoping to put together some info to make it easier to do.

    could you please send us your name, address, email address and blog if you have one in an email to jen dot s dot chandler at gmail dot com?

    then I'll get back to you in the next days with the info of the person you've been paired with for the swap.

    thank you so much again for taking part, and have a great weekend!



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