Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new dress and sunbonnet

A couple of weeks ago I found an adorable vintage pattern for a little girl's dress and sunbonnet. I made the dress for Claire this past week and finished up the sunbonnet on Friday afternoon.

 The size 1 pattern was still too big for her, but it was such a simple dress to make that altering it to be a bit smaller to fit her now was easy-peasy. She really liked her long dress and kept twirlling around and playing with the skirt. When I showed her the sunbonnet for the first time she exclaimed "Hat!" "Outside!" She loves going outside and has gotten so used to being bundled up to venture out of doors that anytime she sees a hat she thinks it should be put on her and then be allowed outside to play!

She wanted to go visit the chickens.  
I carried the basket to collect the eggs, but she insisted on taking one egg back up to the house herself.


This is the pattern I used. Simplicity 7573 size 1 from 1975! So cute! I will definently be making her more of these! It was fast, easy and turned out oh-so-sweet! Perfect for a little farm girl this Spring and Summer.


  1. What a beautiful dress and sunbonnet! I popped by to tell you THANK YOU! I was one of the recipients of your seeds from the seed exchange. I AM SO EXCITED! I am very excited about the the Calabaza Squash and the Bread Poppy. I took me a while to figure out what poppy to grow for edible seeds for baking. I finally figured it out and HERE IT IS from you! So exciting. I am very excited about all the seeds I received. Thank you. Emily https://emilysincerely.wordpress.com

  2. Oh she is a darling, and what beautiful sewing, cheers Marie

  3. Adorable! (The girl AND the dress.:)

  4. How sweet! I love the dress and bonnet. Your daughter is adorable!


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