Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make a Weaving Loom with your Kids!

Today (Well, it was supposed to be yesterday, but... Blogger had issues yesterday, so...) I have a guest post over at HomeSpun-Threads! She is hosting a Summer Soiree, a craft camp for kids, with a new idea every day this month to use over the coming summer. We made homemade looms for the kids to learn how to weave. They had a great time and have asked to use them over and over again! Be sure to pop over to HomeSpun-Threads and check it out!


  1. Hi Rachel
    I love your craft ideas & this one is fantastic! I'll go over & read the post, but just wanted to stop & say "Hi" & see how you are going - I've been thinking of & praying for you & bubby.
    Have a wonderful weekend


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