Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Grandma and Mother's Day

Mother's Day was hard this year.

My mom is wonderful! She is (and was!) a great mother, we talk every day. She lives close by so we see each other often. She is the person I talk to and share the most with in the world. (Other than my husband of course!!!) I consider her my best girlfriend!

My children honored me and hugged me and loved me all day. They usually do that everyday. They are such sweet, loving kids. I really enjoy spending my days with them. They each surprised me pretty handmade cards, full of colorful hearts and flowers and butterflies and lots of "I love you Mom" and "Your the best mom" in careful little boy handwriting.

My Grandmother Sadie Mae at Thanksgiving 2009
Mother's Day was hard this year because my Grandmother passed away very unexpectedly this past week. My Grandma was a wonderful Godly woman. She loved to sing and praise God, and could often be heard singing hymns while she worked. She prayed and read her Bible every. single. day. without fail. Her relationship with Him was the single most important thing in her life! She was a sweet lady who loved everyone she ever met. (Well, everyone except my Dad when she first met him maybe... he was a Yankee (a Northerner!) you see and every good Southern lady knew you couldn't trust those Yankees! :-) She got over that soon enough and spent the rest of her life loving my dad like he was her own son. ) She loved gardening and crafting and sewing, and more importantly she loved family.  We were always very close. I loved when my brother and I got to go spend time at her house as children, we would play and explore. She would let us help cook, and garden and craft with her. She taught me to sew when I was just 6 years old. Every year she had a garden and canned and preserved much of their food for the coming winter months. She believed in being as self-sufficient as possible.

This past week she was outside pulling weeds with my Grandpa, when she started feeling very poorly. by the time they got her to the hospital she had had several massive heart attacks. She lived for a few hours more, time enough for my parents to get to her bedside. I didn't quite make it before she had passed away, although I was able to talk to her over the phone, and tell her again how much I loved her. They lived in a neighboring state about 2 and a half hours from our home.
Grandma holding newborn Claire, her first great-granddaughter! She loved her great grandchildren.
We had her funeral service yesterday. It was a celebration of her going home, to be with Jesus. For the most part it was a joyful service in memory of a life spent giving of herself to others. Family and friends came from all over the United States and talked about how much she had meant to them and how she had touched their lives. She had prayed many times with each and every one of them, invited them into her home for a warm home-cooked meal and some company. She was a much loved lady, who will be missed by everyone that knew her.


  1. Rachel, I will be praying for you and your family. Let me know if you need anything.

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  3. Dear Rachel
    I am so sorry to hear about this - what a wonderful witness your grandmother had. I love the pictures -that one with Claire is precious indeed. I'll add praying for you during this difficult time to my prayers.
    Love to you


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