Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday at the Park

Friday was my birthday (as well as our foster daughter's birthday, which we celebrated with her family). For my birthday I asked if we could get out and go walking somewhere to enjoy the beautiful Autumn leaves. But Friday was very cold and poured rain all day long. Saturday morning we woke up and it was beautiful, cold and sunny. So Rodrigo announced that we would go to the park and take a picnic lunch in honor of my birthday! What fun! So we packed up a quick picnic and headed out.

 Can you find the two boys hiding in the picture below? Click on the picture to see it larger...

It was a happy birthday. I really love spending the entire day with my family! 


  1. Congratiolations to you.
    What à beautiful pictures.

  2. Happy birthday!
    And your kids' costumes are awesome.

  3. Rachel, what gorgeous pictures!!! What park is this? It almost reminds me of Kefauver Park in Madisonville. Is there a playground?

    Your little ones are getting so big!!!


  4. Hey Amanda! This is Concord park on Northshore Dr. and yes there is a playground there too... It's right on the lake, and the area is gorgeous, lots of wildlife too.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Rachel (sorry it's belated~I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading). What a beautiful park ~ all those lovely autumn colours are just picturesque! Love the photos of you & the kids too ~ those boys are hiding exactly how my boys would ~ they would get along so well in real life I'm sure ( as would we)!

  6. Thanks for the info! If I'm ever over that way again, I will be sure to check it out with the children. I sent you a personal message a while back on ETP with some very very exciting news for our family! Not sure if you got it or not. Congratulations again on your newest addition.

    Amanda S.


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