Sunday, December 11, 2011

The winner of my first Giveaway!

Thank you everyone! What a great time I had reading all of your comments. Everyone had such nice things to say. I always feel a bit insecure about the things I make... what if no one else likes them? What if they aren't good enough? What if I think they are pretty and nobody else does?? It is nice to hear that you thought my little Angels were as pretty as I thought they were! Does anyone else feel that way about the things they make?

That is why I haven't opened an Etsy shop.. well truthfully I have opened an Etsy shop! I did it over a year ago!! I just have never listed a single item for sale, just too nervous I guess. Which is strange, because when it comes to just about anything else in life I'm really not very insecure. Well, I have moments I'm sure, but I try not to let it get to me! But I mean what if I put all of this time, effort and expense into making some things to list on Etsy, and then nobody wants them??? Uhgg! I think I'll just go ahead and try to get something made and listed on there in January sometime. If I could get the first thing put up there, I'd probably feel much better about the whole thing. But then I'd have to decide what to make... probably a doll or two.. but what kind? and size? and what about clothes? and hair color/style... see what I mean? The making of these decisions is driving me batty!

Enough of that! On to who won my little giveaway! I used to help me choose the winner and it came up with the number 10! Which happens to be Sandra who said the following in her comment:

"Oh, my...they are beautiful beyond mere words! Getting one of this angels would be a real blessing for Christmas! And yes, please, open Etsy store!"  

(Which was what got me thinking about opening an Etsy store again or rather stocking an Etsy store... since we've already been over the fact that I do have on open already!) Ha! 

So congratulations Sandra! Please email me your address so I can get your little Angel shipped out to you! Hopefully she'll arrive before Christmas!  atthebutterflyball (at) 

Thanks again everyone! I really enjoyed hosting this little giveaway and I can't wait to do another one! 


  1. Just do it! The angel is precious. I am sure that anything you make would be equally well done. Just make something. Then, list it and wait and see if it sells. Do it! But one little warning... sales drop off during the Spring for all businesses and make a steady drop through Summer. So, don't be discouraged if you don't have immediate sales if you wait until January.

  2. I feel the same way! Well if you list some of your angels I'll be buying one :-) warmly, Kelly

  3. Don't feel insecure.
    The are very beautiful.

  4. So sweet... and how was I not following your blog? I thought I was... ACK! Anyways, I am for sure now :)

  5. Wow! I was really that much lucky to really, really win it????? THANK YOU!!!
    As for Etsy, I'm doing the very same thing, for the very same reasons, and I think it is very silly (especially when someone else is involved). But, I have to tell you that if I didn't get this gorgeous angel, and if you had it in your shop, I would buy it. So - go and stock it! I cannot win everything you make, right? :)
    Thanks once again (and on my way to write you)

  6. Rachel, you had 46 comments. Comments from really cool crafty people like Nicole Spring. That means people like your blog, and people like your stuff. I've never had 46 comments on a post ever. And I just found out that I need to give a sorting toy gift to my little niece, and I thought, "Hey, Rachel has an adorable one on her blog I could do!" Because you have great stuff. So go stock.


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