Sunday, July 1, 2012

Building an A Frame chicken "tractor" coop

My mom got her first chicks a few months ago. Initially, she kept them indoors in her basement in a brooder, but they were quickly out-growing that and trying out their newly feathered wings  by fluttering to the top of the brooder and exploring the basement unsupervised during the day. So the kids and I went over to her house and built her a little A Frame chicken tractor for her chicks to live in until they were able to get their permanent housing built at Mom's new house. (My parents recently bought a new home in the country and were remodeling it getting ready to move in, the chickens will have a large permanent coop at their new home.)

I designed this little chicken tractor to be very light weight so my mom could easily move it around her yard by herself. The chicks only spent their days outside. In the evening she brought them back into the basement brooder due to a large number of dogs and other predators roaming through her yard.  Plus the night time temperatures were still dipping quite low at the time, even though the days were plenty warm for the chicks to play outside. 

Since I forgot my circular saw at home, Logan cut all of the wood for the chicken tractor by hand. Claire found my mother's hammer which is covered with flower decals and asked "Is this for me?" She spent the next hour hammering every nail in sight! Some she actually started and nailed herself, others she just finished hammering in after they had been started for her.  She was quite absorbed in the whole process. We had a great time watching her. 

After the chicks had been installed in their new digs, Claire and my mom's dog spent a long time watching them explore their new surroundings.

The chicks were very happy to have a new safe place to play and eat bugs and fresh weeds and grass. The whole thing weighed less than 15 lbs, so it was quite easy for mom to move around her yard and lift to place chick feed and water under. 


  1. I think the chickens are very happy with there new, beautiful home.
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Hi Rachel
    You guys did a great job!! Back when we lived in the city Dave made me a coop almost identical to this one! It brings back nice memories! Hope you are going well!

  3. We just bought a farm and I was looking at Google images for chicken coop ideas and came across the picture of your daughter, hammering the coop together. I just wanted to leave a note and tell you everything about this picture made me smile. Every little girl should have the chance to build something. Every little kid should be allowed to run around half dressed with the sun on their skin. Every child should look so happy and content! I can't wait until the weather warms up and my own littles get to experience the joy of life outside the city limits! Thanks for the grins (and for the great coop ideas too!).

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! Sounds like we have lots in common in regard to our child rearing-dressing :-) I am sure your littles are going to adore living and working on a farm! Best of luck with everything! ♥Hugs~Rachel


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