Monday, July 30, 2012

Our new old farmhouse

This is the house that we are trying to buy! Isn't it lovely? I haven't been able to get any inside pictures of it yet because it is still being occupied buy the current owner. The house was built in 1918, and the gentleman that lives in it now moved there as a very small child with his family in 1936. We went out to see it again and finally got to meet him this past weekend. He took us all around the house and told us stories about everything and everyone having to do with the place. We will be the third owners of the house. 

Several things having to do with buying the old place are still a bit up in the air. There is another appraisal happening in two days and we'll know more after that. Very importantly, the old gentleman is selling and he has accepted our offer! So far so good! The house is quite dated and a bit run down on the inside so we'll have a lot of work to do once we are there to get everything in working order. But we are all very excited at the prospect of turning this small farm into our family's home-place!

 I'm a little nervous about the whole timing thing... we have to be out of this house by the 16th of August, and and we are still not sure when we'll be able to close on the farm house and move in there. (More and more often lately, around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, I lay in bed in just a tiny bit of a panic wondering if being temporarily homeless with 5 children, goats, dogs, and rabbits, is really as bad as I imagine it to be... I pray fervently that we don't have to find out!)


  1. Beautiful house, beautiful place.

  2. My dream home! It's beautiful. I hope you get it!!!!!! I will be thinking of you! *ahem* and if you do get it, you'll share lotsof pics, right??? ;)

  3. wow, its so gorgeous! How nice to hear stories of its life so far from the owner. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I too look forward to inside pics:)

  4. It is a beautiful house:) I have just found your blog and have enjoyed reading past posts. I believe we live in the same area based on some of the places you have visited!! You have a beautiful family:)

  5. It is lovely Rachel!!! I hope it all goes smoothly & that you can transition easily. Have you got family you can stay with for a few weeks? ( I know whenever we've moved we've had to spend at least a couple of weeks at our parents).
    I look forward to seeing how you make this house into a home!

  6. Beautiful house Rachel!! Are you guys moving down this way towards (without being too area specific) the house your mom lived at where I met you and got the rabbits? :) I remember you said you guys were hoping to be closer down this way. It's beautiful where ever it is! I hope you all get it and are able to close smoothly. Haven't seen you since we ran into each other last winter at Target. Emmett is so big now! Our little one was born May 30. His name is Bennett!

    Amanda S.

  7. Amanda! Congratulations on Bennett!!! Oh my, how exciting! The house is actually in the same county you live in in the other town "m". So we'll be practically neighbours! You'll have to come visit once we manage to get it cleaned up inside!

  8. Oh wow, how exciting!! Wonderful little town. There is an excellent park in your new town, we should get my four and your five together one day to play there. It's beautiful.

    We would love to come see your new home (and goats!) once you are settled of course. Can't wait to see the new home's transformation. :)


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