Friday, August 16, 2013

The caterpillar and the "bugito"


Claire found a pretty green caterpillar yesterday and brought it up to the porch to show me. She sat with her caterpillar for nearly an hour watching it crawl over her hands. Finally we decided that it would be best to go put it back on it's tree because it was probably getting hungry. 

A few minutes later Emmett arrived with a Cicada's exoskeleton. We've told him over and over that they are called cicadas, which he repeats after us, enunciating very carefully, and then promptly forgets. But last night he got confused and told me it was a "bugito" when I asked him what he had found. He was very proud of his bugito and showed it to everyone in the family. I am pretty sure he was trying to say mosquito, since both he and Claire tend to call mosquitoes "buskitos".  I think bugito works for now! 

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  1. Love the looks on their faces. Mother Nature really does provide such interesting things for our kiddos to explore :)

    Enjoy your weekend.


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