Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Popcorn and milk

Last week I was reading a book to the boys titled Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder (It's one of the Little House On The Praire books) In the book the littel boy Almonzo, talks about how popcorn and milk are the only two things that can occupy the exact same place. He stated that if you filled up a glass with milk and filled another glass with an equal amount of popcorn, you coud then add the popcorn piece by piece and the glass of milk would not overflow. The same could not be done with bread and milk he said. Of course, as soon as we where done reading for the morning, the boys asked if we could repeat the experiment. We pulled out the popper and the bag of popcorn kernals and got busy! Ethan really didn't grasp the whole concept at first and was busily dunking his popcorn in the milk and eating it just like that!   

The experiment was a resounding success! The milk did not overflow at all. (We didn't have enough glasses all the same size so we just measured the milk and popcorn in and added it to 6 glassses for the boys.)
After we finished they wanted to drink the popcorn and milk concoction.
 Everyone decided that it was pretty darn yummy! Better that most breakfast cereals the've tried!

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  1. I still eat popcorn and milk! : ) I got this from my dad, who learned it from his grandmother. They say they used
    To eat this because it was cheap but anyway I think it is really good! Great book choice by the way!


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