Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Troll Houses, Creek Jumping, and a Picnic

Today we went to the park. We are so blessed in this area of the world to have fabulous parks to play in and explore. We had the park practically to ourselves all afternoon, it was great! The boys packed us a picnic lunch, and off we went with everyone's conveyance of choice.

While there they decided to explore the wetland areas. They saw frogs and ducks and lots of spring blooming wild flowers.

It was there that Matthew found many charming little burrows made out of mud. He asked me what built them and I explained how crayfish dig burrows from the walls of the creek beds underwater and move inland. They are quite the little earthmovers. They have little homes with a front door and a back door just like people. He told me that he thought it would make a perfect troll house! He then spent a while telling me all about how the trolls would move in when the crayfish were done, and why they needed houses just like those.
They even found a little water snake! Logan held it for a few minutes so I could get a good shot of him then he let it go again, right by where it came from.

We found a nice shady spot and stopped to have our picnic. Everything tases better outdoors!

After that they were off to climb rocks and explore for a bit, while Claire and I relaxed and watched them play.
Suddenly someone had a great idea! "Mom, take pictures of us jumping the creek!"
So I did! Such fun to be a kid and jump just because you can! *note to self... jumping creeks is fun! I must do it more often!*

Claire had lots of fun too. Snuggling with mommy in the warm sunshine and watching brothers run and play and yell. She even made an exciting new discovery of her own! TOES! She has toes! And she can even reach them! If she tries really hard sometimes she can even get them all the way to her mouth to suck on! What great things toes are!!

We had a wonderful day! I hope you did too!

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  1. What beautiful photos you take. I learned something new about crayfish today, we'll have to look out for the burrows next time at the creek! Such a sweet baby girl, and your boys are as handsome as can be, seven is a good idea!


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