Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Easter Memories

Ethan hunting for eggs.

Matthew with his basket.

Logan in the trees.

Claire's gorgeous Easter Dress that her Grandma made for her. She was almost too little for it still, such a petite little thing! But it sure was a pretty dress! I will treasure it.

My sweet children in their Easter finery.
(Somehow we managed to keep them clean right up until this picture, then they promptly took off their shoes and half their clothes and ran around that way the rest of the day! They are never this clean and neat looking at home... But they are happy!)

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  1. What lovely Easter egg hunting, The flower in my "Orange lantern Princess" is a Chinese lantern flower, which dry really well, however this one is made of silk for more durability, thou you can use the real dried ones as well, but they do fade. cheers Marie


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