Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday morning quite by happy accident a very vivid rainbow was discovered downstairs in our den. I took the mini-blinds that were on the windows down and the sun came in to shine through our large aquarium. The glass and water made a perfect prism and created one of the very brightest rainbows we have ever seen. The kids played downstairs in the light for nearly an hour. Claire was especially thrilled with her multicolored reflection in the aquarium glass. Yay for sunshine! 


  1. Rainbows are amazing. Where we lived before we used to have a glass ball/chrystal (don't know what to call it in English) in our kitchen window and in the afternoon the kitchen was filled with small dancing rainbows.

  2. wow, how incredible! Makes me want to get an aquarium just for the rainbows!!

  3. Very awesome pictures to always have and treasure. A fun and happy memory that will most likely be easily remembered when looking back on these!


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