Sunday, February 17, 2013


This weekend we: 

:: Played "Nosey-Nosey" 
:: Built her very own balance beam, Danced around for the sheer joy of having done it herself, And then walked back and forth across it for almost an hour
:: Went on very important adventures through the dry leaves
:: Climbed the "tallest-tree-house-tree ever" *otherwise known as a bush* and marveled at her baby brother all the way below her *about 3 feet down!*
:: Enjoyed a few hours of leisurely reading
:: Got breakfast ALL BY HIMSELF...
:: Shaped the stone by hand and made himself a real tom-a-hawk (Matthew)
:: Played for hours in the very cold sunshine on the new swing their Daddy hung from the giant old Oak tree in our front yard
:: Cuddled up all together in front of a beautiful fire and watched the rainbow colored flames. 
:: Enjoyed just being, together and happy, in our home. 

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