Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tiny Helper

Please excuse the dim, blurry photos. The moment happened so quickly that I barely had time to run for my camera and get it turned on before he disappeared from view. 

The big boys brought in a bunch of fire wood and deposited it just inside the back door. Once they had a pile in the house, and the door shut against the cold they started carrying it downstairs to the fireplace. 

Emmett was nursing but when he heard the commotion he got off of my lap to investigate. He wants to try everything the big boys do so he grabbed a log and started for the stairs! 

I only had time to snap a couple of pictures before I had to stop him from attempting to go down the stairs either carrying the log, or from throwing it down and sliding down them himself on his belly. (His usual way of going down stairs when we don't keep the safety gate latched shut. He was very proud of himself for being such a big (little) helper. 

He is 17 months old now, my goodness, it goes by in a flash. 

Yesterday, Rodrigo and I were talking about our kids. We both always knew we wanted to have kids, and we both even always wanted a big family. But something that has taken us both completely by surprise is how much we really do enjoy our children. It amazes me almost daily, that I have these awesome little people around all of the time. Our favorite place in the world to be is home, with them. We love them, because they are ours, but we have discovered something wonderful over the past 15 years. We like them, I mean really like them, spending time with them, talking to them, teaching them, watching them discover all kinds of wonderful new things. I am so happy about that. It takes a lot of work, being a parent. And lest you think that we simply have perfect kids (Ha! I'm sure those who know us in real life would be happy to add in here...) we don't! Occasionally they are naughty, they fuss, fight, whine, pee in the floor, hit each other, talk back, etc. Teaching them to be good, decent, grateful, happy, Godly human beings is a daily thing, and then there is that whole home-schooling thing... We have by no stretch of the imagination, got it "all figured out" But we do
feel like we have great kids, and we really like them a lot, which is pretty darn awesome. Just sayin'.

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